Task Automation is making our lives richer as processing power now has machine learning that rivals human capacity.
CATIM includes a team of engineering professionals that create cost-effective operational technology (OT) automation solutions to add value to your project and enable you to reach your goals more effectively. 
We design & manufacture controllers for PLCs, CNCs, Robotics and process equipment and can also do custom mechatronic design for diverse automation requirements to increase efficiency, security & lower cost.

Our Mission

Build a Secure & Innovative A.I.- based process control solution for OT machines that will enable a paradigm shift to…
sense -> decide -> act

Benefits of automation:

  • Higher throughput and productivity.
  • Robustness of processes from the design phase.
  • Consistency and predictability of quality.
  • Tasks completion accuracy.
  • Increased consistency of output.
  • Reduced resources.
  • Perform dangerous and laborious tasks.
  • Eliminate injuries.
  • Tasks that are beyond human capabilities.
  • Task completion time is faster.
  • Workers can be tasked on stimulating work.
  • Combine AI / ML to improve metrics.
  • Significantly improve your business viability.

CATIM solution value:

  • CATIM can help you to digitally transform your business securely.
  • Our solutions, products & experience span OT Hyper-automation.
  • Please view our applications page for more details at below link.

CATIM by your side:

CATIM is building next generation industrial AI automation using Tesla’s secret sauce for scaling to the stars…