Tiny home automation

Next generation housing on yesteryear’s budget

When something becomes out of reach, humans have often adapted well.  In recent times,  housing affordability has become more of an issue globally, making owing a home an increasing challenge for many.

In many countries, including Australia and New Zealand, we have been conditioned to expect large homes.  A big home is a great home.  Along side this expectation is the fact that developers are still building homes with too many bedrooms that are too expensive for most consumers.  There is growing evidence that the building industry is out of step with current living trends – smaller households who actually need less space.

If space was removed as the first criteria of a great home, and if a home was purpose built and highly functional, there would be a great demand for this idea.  Enter the small and tiny house movement.  

Small & tiny houses are usually self contained and often come attached with off-grid living, fabulous views, less materialism, and are simpler, less costly and more sustainable.  You probably can add a few more criteria too…..

The large interest in the tiny house revolution is largely born out of our current housing model.  A tiny home can mean a smaller budget than a traditional house.  Curious?  What if a great view was thrown in?  Maybe you want a relocatable with a smaller or no mortgage.  What else could you  be doing with the saved money?

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