Technology topologies

Task Automation is making our lives richer as processing power now has machine learning that rivals human capacity.
CATIM includes a team of engineering professionals that create cost-effective operational technology (OT) automation solutions to add value to your project and enable you to reach your goals more effectively. 
We design & manufacture controllers for PLCs, CNCs, Robotics and process equipment and can also do custom mechatronic design for diverse automation requirements to increase efficiency, security & lower cost.

CATIM mission

Build a Secure & Innovative A.I.- based process control solution for OT machines that will enable a paradigm shift to…
sense -> decide -> act


Problems we work on to...

sense -> decide -> act

  • Smart sensing the real world with new sensing & comms technologies in a new paradigm.

  • Smart problem-solving workflow engines in a secure local/remote domain.

  • Smart intuition by embedding AI-ML-AR-MV. 

  • Smart analysing the process metrics.

  • Smart power control & management.

CATIM application overview

  • CATIM provides extensive support for Web3.0 next generation control.
  • Our solutions, products & experience span IT & OT Hyper-automation in a sustainable way.
  • CATIM example project expertise here.
  • We have created solutions in a range of areas…click on the above application categories links for more information.
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