CATIM is an Australasian company that designs and manufactures automation products and services.  Our comprehensive range of products provide users with solutions for process control solutions within their respective industries. 

During our years of continuous development we have used innovative engineering to develop performance products for automated applications. Our software driven solutions enable users to manage, automate, and optimise automation processes. This increases security, efficiency,  productivity, reduce testing times and provide customers with the features and capabilities to achieve compliance with quality standards.

Quality is an integral part of our company philosophy. In addition to building accurate and durable systems we provide extensive technical support. We focus on establishing strong business relationships based on customer satisfaction and our commitment to providing quality products and services.

CATIM mission

Build a Secure & Innovative A.I.- based process control solution for OT machines that will enable a paradigm shift to…
sense -> decide -> act

Problems we work on to...

sense -> decide -> act

  • Smart sensing the real world with new sensing & comms technologies in a new paradigm.

  • Smart problem-solving workflow engines in a secure local/remote domain.

  • Smart intuition by embedding AI-ML-AR-MV. 

  • Smart analysing the process metrics.

  • Smart power control & management.

CATIM application overview

  • CATIM provides extensive support for Web3.0 next generation control.
  • Our solutions, products & experience span IT & OT Hyper-automation in a sustainable way.
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  • We have created solutions in a range of areas…click on the above application categories links for more information.
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