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When your organisation require greater optimisation for a bespoke IT or OT process then we will likely have a solution or some ideas about that…

CATIM has significant experience in applying secure modern process technologies to assist you.

The Applications?…CATIM is skilled in the eight technology categories listed below.

CATIM mission

Build a Secure & Innovative A.I.- based process control solution for OT machines that will enable a paradigm shift to…
sense -> decide -> act

Things CATIM do



The CATIM Nimbus platform empowers people to engineer automation solutions that solve hard technical problems in an elegant way.

Nimbus a robust secure controller is a paradigm shift


Several CATIM supported development platforms can be used to develop an Industrial Controller solution on the Nimbus for PLCs, DCSs, CNC or Robotics if you require differentiating features that help support the unique value for your solution...



We are creators and understand that great open solutions are built using well-engineered building blocks & support. If we do not offer the crucial piece of your puzzle then please let us know.

CATIM application categories

Problems we work on to...

sense -> decide -> act

  • Smart sensing the real world with new sensing & comms technologies in a new paradigm.

  • Smart problem-solving workflow engines in a secure local/remote domain.

  • Smart intuition by embedding AI-ML-AR-MV. 

  • Smart analysing the process metrics.

  • Smart power control & management.

CATIM application overview

  • CATIM provides extensive support for Web3.0 next generation control.
  • Our solutions, products & experience span IT & OT Hyper-automation in a sustainable way.
  • CATIM example project expertise here.
  • We have created solutions in a range of areas…click on the above application categories links for more information.
  • What problem do you have that we can assist with? contact us